Vikram Ramakrishnan

Vikram Ramakrishnan is a Tamil-American writer who was born in Bangalore, India and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and an enthusiastic member of the Odyssey Writing Workshop Class of 2020. He lives in New York.


Jackson Heights • Fiction • Gival Press

Memory Simulations for a Grandmother • Fiction • Dark Matter Magazine (forthcoming)


Kanchenjunga's Hopes • Fiction • AEscifi, Stargazers - Microtales from the Cosmos Anthology

Simzone • Fiction • Newfound

A Crack in the Ground That Went to the Other Side of the Earth • Fiction • About Place Journal

Eggs • Fiction • SAND Journal

Necessary Shadows • Fiction • Lunch Ticket

Flowercrackers • Fiction • Lunch Ticket

Empty Stomach, Full Belly • Fiction • Lunch Ticket

Your Dog Isn't Happy • Fiction • The HitchLit Review

A Hollow in Malabar District • Fiction • Bowery Gothic

Directions for a Child Immigrating to the US in the 1980s • Creative Nonfiction • Atlas & Alice

Writing Workshops Are Like Relationships • Nonfiction • F(r)iction


Winner of the 17th Annual Gival Press Short Story Award

The 2020 Walter & Kattie Metcalf Singing Spider Scholarship